Fields of study taught

Beyond my work as a researcher and writer, I believe it is important to share my discoveries through the practice. This is why I propose several training sessions (only in French for the moment) on different subjects.



Geobiology, also known as “telluric science’, is the knowledge of vibratory phenomena existing on our planet. This very ancient science principally deals with etheric influences, in relation to existing geological perturbations (rifts, underground water courses, etc), cosmo-telluric phenomena (vortices, cosmo-telluric chimneys, terrestrial magnetic grids, etc) or subtle manifestations (electromagnetism, waveforms, entities, negative memories, etc.).


Bioenergetics meaning ‘living energy’, is the knowledge of etheric life forces at work in matter… The mastery of this science allows bioenergetic practitioners to neutralise negative energies that affect our existence, including living beings from different realms. The practice of bioenergetics balances our vital energy field, energises water, foodstuffs, objects and stones, etc.


Nature Spirits, also known as elementals and devas have been known since the most ancient of times. Their existence allows spiritual energies to descend into matter through a hierarchy of marvellous beings who we meet during our courses. The methods that we teach allow you to differentiate and communicate with elves, fairies, unicorns, etc. They allow you to meet invisible presences from other realms: angels, dragons, spiritual guides, etc.



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