Introduction days

courses currently available in French only.


Introductory day to Clairsentience

An exploration of our capacities of sensing and the mysteries of the human body.
Practice in the natural surroundings during the afternoon.
An introduction to geobiological phenomena and nature spirits.

› For all ages
› Participation cost for the day: 75 €

Introduction to Sacred sites day

Each sacred site is unique by its configuration of multiple visible and invisible phenomena that led the builders to construct on very precise locations.
These phenomena, principally geobiological in nature, are closely linked to the manifestation of invisible presences that participated in the history of the place and with whom we establish a contact via the practice of clairsentience.
During these introductory days I offer to share some of the mysteries of different sacred sites, through the practice of sacred geobiology and communication with guides, guardians and other spirits that live in these places.
Each day is planned as a convivial and initiatory visit where together we discover the surprises and mysteries that the etheric world will offer to us…

› To participate in this day, it is necessary to have already participated in a geobiology course and to send me the enrolment form.
› Participation cost for the day: 75€ (does not include the entrance fee to access the site).



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