Expertise in geobiology

This expertise consists of detecting and neutralising problems existing in your living space that could affect your health or simply your state of well-being. To do this, I propose to harmonise your living space by implementing geobiological methods while collaborating with various invisible presences that live in your close environment (guardian spirits, nature spirits and other spiritual presences).
It is necessary to provide a map of the location as well as photos of the building taken from the outside, a precise address and your telephone number so that I can contact you.

Basic presentation

● Detection, location and neutralisation of problems related to:
• the geology of the location (underground water courses, rifts, etc.);
• the geobiology (cosmo-telluric chimney, vortex, grid, telluric current, etc.);
• subtle phenomena (entities, memories of walls, charged objects, etc.);
• electric phenomena (electrical meter, telephone, computer, television, household appliances, antennas, etc.).

● Contact with the guardian spirit of the location and other positive presences in order to harmonise and purify the location, with their agreement and collaboration.
● Notation of the main phenomena on a map.
● Measurement of vibratory levels before and after the consultation.
● Implementation of cosmo-telluric chimneys.
● An adjustment of the vibratory frequency that is most suited to the inhabitants.
● Identification of the main phenomena in the garden, detection of vortices, cosmo-telluric chimneys, nature spirits (fairies, dwarfs, devas, etc.), neutralisation of negative zones in the garden.

Additional services

● Energetic balancing for the inhabitants
● Creation of energetic circuits
● Detection of underground water courses for the purpose of digging a well or a borehole.
● The construction of a building taking into account the geological phenomena.
● Implementing an etheric system to protect the location, installing a beehive, specific study of wine cellars (viticulture), specific study for companies or shops.


Free quote on request. (French only)

Expertise currently available in French only

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