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YannAs a geobiologist and bio-energetic practitioner, my passion for sacred sites and nature spirits led me to explore the invisible worlds. My perception capacities have allowed me to refine measuring methods that are now accessible to the broader public. It is a pleasure for me to share these methods during courses and training sessions.

For several years, I have used these perceptions to communicate with invisible beings that populate our planet. I present these discoveries in books and videos in order to better pass on these teachings, which I have received from the various invisible realms.

I am additionally available to organise introductory days, and for my expertise as a consultant in geobiology, but unfortunately, in French only!

 Yann Lipnick


For a taster, here is an interview by “Le Chou Brave”, a French magazine on living food and abundance (English subtitles can be activated by clicking on the 1st rectangle icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).


expertise in geobiology
introduction days

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