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Neutralisation of electromagnetic pollution


Whether in the city or in the countryside, we are increasingly subjected to high frequency pollution coming from antennas and WIFI systems. As well as this pollution there is also the influence of low-frequency radiation (electrosmog) deriving from the 50Hz electrical current that supplies our electrical appliances and installations. All this combines with the fact that more and more people use computers, for work or pleasure.

The effects related to the place where we live are those that have the most negative consequences because they affect us over a long period of time. For example, if your bed or your workplace are located where there are excessive magnetic or electromagnetic fields they can have a hugely detrimental affect. Don’t forget that sleeping takes up about a third of our lives and it is at this time that our natural defenses can rest.

After multiple experiments with several devices that are available on the market today, we have selected the Rayonex devices, based on the ‘bio-resonance’ research, by Paul Schmidt.

Thanks to these devices, we can harmonise the frequency spectrums in question, in such a way that the organism is no longer subject to these adverse effects. Everyone can take advantage of these devices that have been tested in cases related to high frequency pollution, such as electrosmog or geological perturbations. The effects of these devices can easily be demonstrated by clairsentience, by measuring your vital energy or the opening of your chakras.

They can also be measured through dowsing methods, by measuring the vibratory level of a location with and without the use of the device.

Therefore, we recommend at least two of the basic devices for those who are sensitive to the vibratory quality of their environment and who wish to stay in good health:


The HF Rayonator that you connect directly to your earth bonding plug: click here to access the fact sheet.

Only one of these devices neutralises the high frequency radiation of an entire 30 floor building. (Experiment conducted in Bangkok at the ‘Monaco’ residence: www.le-monaco.com)

The E-Smog Rayonator that you connect directly with your grounded plug: click here to access the fact sheet.

This device has also been used at the Monaco Residence in Bangkok.

For those who do not have an earth bonded plug, you can acquire a small or large ‘Duplex’, that will serve as a transmitter for all your living spaces or workplaces. Click here to see an overall view and guide for all Rayonex protection products


Directive of the European parliament

The harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution have been acknowledged by the European Commission. Guidelines limiting the level of exposure of employees to electronic waves have come into effect over the past few years.

“Directive of the European Parliament and of the council on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields) (XXth individual Directive within the meaning of Article 16(1) of Directive 89/391/EEC)”

For the health and safety of workers, it focuses on the risks arising from effects recognised as harmful to the human body in the short term, caused by the circulation of induced currents and by the absorption of energy.

Following this directive, the employer is under obligation to establish the exposure and evaluate the risks (article 4 of the directive) and then based on the evaluation of risks, the employer must establish and implement techniques and/or organisational measures intended to protect the employees. (article 5 of the directive.)

For a thorough understanding or more information consult the original text  or the website of the World health organisation.


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