Wine improver

This image, considered as essential for wine lovers, allows to improve the flavour of wine, as well as its balance, and to rise its spiritual level. Dionysus, god of vine and wine, brings its energy to the bottles of wine that get in contact with this symbol that was programmed to improve wine.
A blind test carried out with oenologists confirmed that the wines that were put in contact with this image suffered clear transformation. Wine is liberated and reveals organoleptic qualities at a higher level than that observed after a traditional airing process.

bonification du vin

Place the opened bottle over the dynamic image for about 15 minutes, in a calm place.

Main effects
  • Reduction of the astringent effect of red wines, by softening the tannins.
  • A more pleasant structure that emphasises the aroma.
  • A lower perception of acidity.
  • A reinforced aromatic persistence and higher length on the palate.
  • A higher vibratory level of the wine.
  • Reconnection of the wine to its soil of origin.
  • Neutralisation of negative information resulting from the shipping, storage and the presence of entities in the wine cellar.
Illustration of the physico-chemical effects

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