Water and food dynamisation

The purpose of this dynamic image is to dynamise water and transfer positive information to it. It helps to remove all the negative memories and restore the information of love and light in water.

The body of an adult and its brain contain 70% of water. Vegetables and fruits contain 80%. Water retains all the memories and is an excellent receptor. This is why it is important to assimilate a highly dynamised water. Thus, the water in our body contributes to our well-being and evolution, and adapt to the new planetary energies that are currently in expansion.
The water that is available for us (tap water and bottled source water) has very low vibratory levels, from 50% to 150%. Tap water usually passes through water towers on the top of which there are different types of antennas. This water is charged with chemical products and keeps the memory of the places it has gone through, usually negative places. Bottled water is also altered because of the packaging, shipping and storage.

Besides the amplification of the vital energy of water, this dynamic image transfers information of softness, fluidity and peace that opens most of the major chakras, and mainly the 1st chakra (anchoring to the earth), the 4th chakra (heart opening) and the 7th chakra (awakening of consciousness). This information is transferred to the water we drink or the food, then to all the body that flows in your body. Moreover, this programming is made to stimulate the adrenal glands, which helps to deal stress in a better way and avoid waves of tiredness.


Place this image under or over a container, of up to 20 litres of water, for half an hour. This increases the vibratory level of water in about 9,000%, which is the vibratory index of a sacred source. It can also be placed under a plate of fruit of vegetables to dynamise them.

If you use tam water, it is advisable to filter it before, so chemical particles resulting from different treatments can be removed.

If you know how to measure, you can easily verify this, by testing the water after the dynamisation, using dowsing, bioenergetic or kinesiology testing.


The image is like a planet, with the exact shape of the Mother Earth that carries us.
The heart is a Sun, bright, revitalising. The space between them is fluffy, without density, pure Yang, immobile and elusive.
The first circle is similar to tentacles around the Sun, in a dextrorotatory and invigorating round. It is the engine fed by the Sun, which take the shape into a positive round.
The second circle is the field of dolphins and turtles, which produce a purifying and dispersing laevorotatory force
The third circle is like our Earth’s surface. It can also represent the space between the Earth crust – our density – the intraterrestrial world and this central circle in movement.
The fourth circle represents the cosmos as we can see, surrounding with its protective shield our human world.
A bluish aura covers all the circles.

The water that is placed over this image support receives the laevorotatory and dextrorotatory information it needs to get dynamised.
It also receives information from the All, the cosmos (yin), and of central sun (yang)… light and shadow.
The solid envelop of the Earth crust gives to each cell of liquid the protective regeneration necessary to get back and keep the Information of Life. Life is in Movement…
The dynamics of this image reproduces the dance of all form of life, the force of opposed elements (yin and yang), and the protective shield that is necessary for all spaces that belong to our vibratory frequency, dense and intangible and the same time.
Similar to a singing bowl, its vibration pulsates in the water and makes it simmer imperceptibly… creating sound and movement.

bioenergetic test

Results of a test using a 1,5 litre bottle filled up with tap water that vibrates to 50%.

Time of dynamisation
Vibratory level
of water
5 min 1,500 %
10 min 3,000 %
15 min 4,500 %
20 min 6,000 %
25 min 7,500 %
30 min 9,000 %
45 min 10,000 %
1 hour 11,000 %


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