Vital energy amplifier

This dynamic image generates a mini vortex around itself, which causes the amplification of cosmic energies in the place where it is placed. This characteristic allows several possibilities of use.

amplificateur d'énergie vitale


It can be used to create an altar and bring cristaline energy to your healing room. For this use, put a previously cleansed crystal over the image support, pointing to the right direction (for more information, check the book The Spirits of Nature page 159). The vital field of the crystal and its vibratory level will be increased at least 10 times, and it will spread cristaline energy all around your room.
You can do the same using any other semi-precious stone, which will help irradiate its properties on a bigger space.


Thanks to its content of Yang energy, it neutralisesdifferent geobiological perturbations that create an excess of yin, such as the underground streams, the geobiological fractures or negative networks in your home. It has an effect within a ratio measuring from 2 to 3 metres, depending on the phenomenum you wish to neutralise. It is suitable to be placed near your bed or your deskin order to solve this kind of problem.


It elevates your vibratory level and your ocnnextion to cosmic energies, which is suitable to meditate, for example…
It activates the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th chakras, the heart, the pineal gland and the angelic plexus (your wings spread out).


It is possible to recharge your stones or jewelry if you place it over it. It is advisable to cleanse them before. Sometines, simply washing them with water can be enough.

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