Vital balance

This dynamic image “Vital balance” was programmed to restore the energy flow in the body by neutralising the most common causes of the immunity level decays… Amongst the several elements that have an influence on our immunity we can find the fissures and holes in the aura, the unbalance of chakras, or simply a lack of connection to the Earth.
It is adapted to most people having a low immunity level, such as the electro-sensitive people, whose number keeps growing. It is also useful for any other people who wish to reinforce their immunity system.
Moreover, thanks to its freeing action at the level of blockages and limitations, it can be used by most if us to make our vibratory level rise and thus evolve spiritually or face situations that seem hard to solve.


Put the image support under your seat or meditation cushion. Light a small candle and meditate for about 15 minutes, asking to supress all blockages and limitations that don’t need to be brought into awareness.

Use it whenever and as much as you consider it necessary, because it does not present any contraindication.

In order to check the effects, you can measure different parameters using bioenergetics or dowsing methods, for example, your immunity index before and after the meditation.

Effects on the body

  • Neutralisation of the limitations and blockages.
  • Suppression of most implants.
  • Cleansing and balance of the chakras.
  • Increase in the immunity index.
  • Filling of holes, fractures and fissures in the aura, from the etheric body to the atmic body.
  • It helps ancestors, animal entities and non-human entities (at internal, external and underground levels) to find their way to the Light.
  • Dissolution of etheric negative etheric or astral objects.
  • Repairing of vital energy leaks.
  • Cleansing of the thymus gland.


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