Shamanic Journey

This dynamic image was conceived particularly for people who wish to experience modified states of consciousness in order to develop new means of perception and communication.

It activates some internal systems and plexus which allow to modify the quality of sensorial perceptions and to have the experience of “journeys”, as those journeys that chamans do with their drums. Il allows to hide temporarily the inhibitions and meet one’s main totem animals in order to interact with them. It brings about a state of well-beaing and surrender that some chamans reach using sacred plants.

Place the image under your seat or meditation cushion and meditate for about 20 minutes in a preserved place or in the middle of nature.

Main effects

  • It develops communication methods free from spatio-temporal and mental boundaries that subjugate the human being.
  • It calls upon our 3 main totem animals with whom we will be able to interact and create strong links.
  • Sensation of relaxation of our organism.
  • It induces a modified state of consciousness
  • It intensifies the connexion from the extrasensory perception channels to the visionary plexus.
  • It purifies cellular memories.
  • It reinitiates some initiations that we received in lives we are aware of.
  • Immersion in the eternal present.

An unexpected effect of this dynamic image is that it makes us hungry!

It activates

  • the 1rst, 4th et 7th chakras;
  • the following plexus: sacred, plexus of serenity, visionary plexus and angelic plexus;
  • the solar plexus;
  • the pituitary gland;
  • the heart and spleen meridians;
  • the channels: clairvoyance, telepathy, Clair-knowing, clairaudience and clairsentience;
  • the heart.


Journey of the heart through extrasensory perceptions…
When the heart starts its journey*, it explores all languages. Beyond Time, it perceives the echo and the matter of the experiences of Light.
It opens up to the Universe and has the experience of the All. Beyond the mental conventions and spatial references. It connects to the soul (in its divine part) to exchange in an endless way with the Animal, Vegetal and Mineral Kingdom, as well as all the invisible presences.
The multidimensional chanting that emanates from this journey resonates in the infinite Love that can be created just by the present moment. In your whole Being, gratefulness, inspiration and peace vibrate in harmony with the Universe



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