Kundalini awakening

This dynamic image allows the energy from the centre of the Earth to circulates up through your nadis and superior chakras. It combines several programmings and adapts automatically to your Kundalini awakening level.


Place this image under your seat, your meditation cushion, or under your mattress at the level of your hara if you practice Tantra.

This Kundalini energy activates our pituitary gland, which makes it spread it through the rest of the body to get a regenerative effect. It can also make it flow up through your superior chakras beyond the atmic body, in the case of people who have already reached a certain level of awakening. This creates a connexion with the superior worlds.
The connexion with the intraterrestrial Kundalini Spirit and the purification of the nadis will allow you to dissolve blockages and feel better in your body.
Since the kundalini is also de base of the sexual energy, this dynamic image can also have a liberating effect on your libido, whose levels are significantly reduced in our stress-filled world.
This energy can also be used to develop telepathy or clairvoyance.

Main effects
  • Connection to the Kundalini Spirit (see page 120 of the book Explorer of the invisible).
  • Purification of Ida et Pingala nadis and the Sushumna channel (see page 50 of the book Know Thyself…).
  • Pituitary gland activation, at the level that adapts the most to your needs. (Thanks to this gland, the Kundalini energy can be redirected throughout the body).
  • Central plexus activation to increase your regeneration potential and restore your aura (it fills the holes, fractures and fissures).
  • Relaxation and higher connection between the cosmic and telluric forces.
  • Rising in the vibratory level of your whole body.

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