DNA regeneration

This image, related to intraterrestrial presences, stimulates the regeneration of your DNA and improves your self-healing potential.
Because of the current evolution speed, the extremely fast raise in vibration to which we have been subject from December 2012 (with a clear acceleration in 2016), we need to synchronise our DNA to the new frequencies and the new energies. The regeneration of our DNA helps us to get rid of old information and pollution and to harmonise our body and our evolution as Light Beings to the new paradigms of the consciousness evolution.


It can be used once a week by placing it under your meditation seat or cushion.
Optimal time of use: 15 minutes.

This dynamic image speeds up our evolution removing certain blockages that limit our evolution. It harmonises us and puts us in relation with the great All that is the cosmos. It allows our different bodies to realign on the Earth planet that has started a much more intense phase of ascension in terms of energy since March 2016. This raise in vibration allows to unlock many of our capacities that are written in our DNA.

Main effects
  • DNA actualisation in relation to terrestrial vibrations.
  • DNA regeneration (as we grow old, our DNA deteriorates).
  • Removal of blockages and implants in our DNA.


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