Deep sleep

This mandala has been specially created for people who have difficulty in falling asleep, people who suffer from insomnia or even people who just want to get a deeper regeneration while sleeping. It combines several programmings.


It must be placed under your bed (or mattress) at the level of the pelvis. It helps to bring more telluric energy than cosmic energy (your horizontal plan falls down to a point under the navel). This gives you a sensation of detachment and absolute rest, which allows you to reach a level of regenerative sleep.

Main Effects
  • Activation of the acupuncture points and the 3rd underground chakra for a regenerative sleep (combination presented on the book Know Thyself…, page 133).
  • Purification the body water in terms of memories and emotions.
  • It takes us to the 37rd dimension, which allows to sleep in the world of fairies…
  • It pushes away all the negative geobiological networks within a 2 m radio.
  • Relaxation of the whole body at the muscular level.
  • It calms down the mind and opens up a space of serenity.
  • Deactivation of the eyes and activation of the 3rd eye (your eyes close naturally and you enter easily the dream world).
  • Activation of the adrenal glands (reduction of stress levels).

The image is a flower, similar to a crown that has been reproduced thousands of times. The passionflower included in this image will infiltrates slowly in the spine. The heart of the flower holds another flower, which is also reproduced in infinitely small proportions.

This image generates a spiral movement that immerses the being in a hypnotic state and modifies the brain wave frequency. This facilitates sleeping.
Immersed in a deep blue background, the flower raises from the deepness to the summit of our body, purifying and invigorating simultaneously our central energy.

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