The Mysteries of Gaia

couvEspritsVAVolume 1 – Nature Spirits

Beyond myths and legends, Yann Lipnick invites us to discover some methods to interact with the magical natural world and the beings that inhabit it (fairies, elves, dragons…). He helps us discover their bioenergetic characteristics and shares some of their messages. Thanks to measuring techniques clearly explained in this book, the reader is invited to verify their existence.

The author also opens the doors to new possibilities offered by bioenergetics. He proposes several simple and original techniques, which do not imply the use of any instrument but are rather based on the perception of the vital energy field. These techniques can be implemented to improve and transform our daily life and, in particular, to rediscover our own creative power.

Finally, thanks to the precise description of geobiological phenomena, he helps us access a largely unknown world. We are also given some methods to preserve the ecological balance and make a better use of the potential that our beautiful planet Gaia offers to us.

ebooks ● 252 pages ● isbn: 978-2-9530143-8-9 ● retail price 12 € ● © Ôvilorôi 2012


unecouv.inddVolume 2 – Invisible Presences, Guardians of the Earth

A logical continuation to the first volume of the collection ‘The Mysteries of Gaia’, this book can be used as a bioenergetics manual. Thanks to the exercises proposed in the first part, you can start to learn gradually the measuring techniques based on the perception of the body’s vital energy. It includes a simple activation technique of the Vehicle of Light known as the Merkaba, which represents a powerful tool to everyone’s evolution.

The second part of this book presents the hierarchy of the invisible presences who are the Guardians of the Earth. It reveals the associations and the fabulous coherence that exist between the mythologic pantheons of different traditions. It presents the specific characteristics of the beings that make up this cosmology, as well as the bioenergetic parameters allowing us to identify them, so that each of us can call upon them, according to our needs, and collaborate with them to restore the balance of our beautiful planet.

Within an original shamanic approach to sacred geobiology, the third part shares precise and previously unpublished information concerning some little-known phenomena… This part also exposes the existence of intraterrestrials and extraterrestrials who work within the great universal fraternity for the ascension of Gaia.

ebooks  ● 266 pages ● isbn: 978-2-9530143-4-1 ● retail price 12 € ● © Ôvilorôi 2011

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