Shamanic healing and bioenergetics

Since ancient times, shamans have practiced the Art of Healing in collaboration with animal, vegetable and mineral spirits as well as various spiritual presences.

Today, we can use energy balancing techniques that merge these ancestral methods with the new possibilities offered by the practice of Clairsentience.

Simple, clear and detailed, this manual is a tool of the trade for the therapist and those wishing to remedy the subtle influences that leech our vital energy field. An essential key to open the doors to bioenergetics and shamanism, it develops a combination of methods that offer solutions to help us protect and purify ourselves, which can be applied in our everyday life or within a professional environment (Reiki, massage, osteopathy, etc.).

Spiral-bound books (french only) ● 19.5 x 24.5 cm ● 112 and 132 pages ● retail price 44€ + postage ● © Ôvilorôi 2014

● Currently available in French only
● These books are reserved for bioenergetics trainees and sold by accredited trainers).

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