Explorer of the Invisible

This guide is the fruit of more than 25 years of experience, research and fascinating communication with the invisible realm. This very complete work will guide you in the fields of geobiology, bioenergetics and the discovery of beings from other dimensions. Put together in a pedagogical manner, it contains precise descriptions and the details necessary for a rigorous exploration of the subjects addressed within. With a practical format, it is the essential partner for all those researching subtle realities. It broadens our perspective concerning the intraterrestrial hierarchies who support us in the current transformation. A practical and indispensable guide in the field of geobiology, bioenergetics and shamanism.

The 1st part, focused on the human body, will allow you to develop your capacities of extrasensory perception and to go further in exploring the invisible worlds that surround you.
The 2nd part, deals with geobiological phenomena, giving you the required elements to distinguish and classify the innumerable resources offered by our Mother Earth.
The 3rd part describes the different spirits that populate our planet. This will help you find answers to the following fundamental questions: How to communicate with them in a simple and accessible manner? How to differentiate and recognise them by their main characteristics? What are their main aptitudes and how can we collaborate with each one of them?
A communication protocol and the necessary precautions are also given to assist you in exploring these different levels of reality.

English ebook (PDF only) ● 134 pages ● isbn: 979-10-93158-08-2 ● retail price 22€ ● © Ôvilorôi 2014

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The Heart Fire
Cosmo-telluric chimneys
The 24 Sages and the Buddhas
The 72 Divinities


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