Chronicles of the Ascension

le-secret-des-caraibesVolume 2 – The Secret of the Caribbeans
by Manà Lipnick


More than a novel, this book presents the story of a human, initiatic adventure, revealing the magic of the Universe in its infinite mystery.

Modern day explorers, Lihom-Ku and his companion Lohaya, venture again beyond the limits of the known, following the subtle energies, according to a Divine plan that is gradually unveiled by the Spiritual Presences.

In this second volume of the Ascension Chronicles,Lohaya vision’s and sensitivity Lohaya graciously permeate the account of actions carried out to serve Gaia. She opens up her soul and opens us to ourselves. We understand that every “enlightened” life is a blessing offered to the Earth planet, which has a subtle influence on the course of history and the collective consciousness.

This novel is a open window towards the roles that we can choose to play in the ascension evolution of our planet … as if we all awoke “together” to a new reality…

Paperback (french only) ● A5  Format ● 244 pages  ● retail price 19 € + postage ● isbn : 979-10-93158-13-6 ● © Ôvilorôi 2016

KarûkeraVolume 1 – The Mysteries of Karûkera
by Yann Lipnick

Yann Lipnick invites you to the convergence between the visible and invisible worlds. Throughout this novel, his capacities of perception and knowledge in geobiology open up to an unprecedented vision of the phenomenon known as the ascension, currently happening on the Earth.

 What if humankind could communicate with invisible presences to accomplish their personal mission?

Lihom-Kû, a geobiologist, goes on a journey to Central America. What he thought was a simple holiday quickly becomes a fantastic adventure, that contributes to the ascension of the Earth into the 4th dimension.

In the heart of the jungle, where dragons, elves and dinosaurs live side by side, thanks to the teachings of invisible guides, he discovers new extra-sensorial faculties within himself. Such faculties allow him to predict earthquakes with his body, master the Heart Fire and drive off all negative influences. By collaborating with invisible hierarchies from other dimensions, he becomes an essential link, capable of sensing and activating the necessary phenomena for the evolution of the planet.

Through Lihom-Kû’s quest, you will create an alliance with the Guardians of the Earth, witness the emergence of intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial civilisations and have encounters with great dragons and their mysteries. Get initiated into a new vision of shamanism, into the true origins of Reiki that were unknown up until now, and lift the veil on the secrets of Gaïa, intimately linked to our evolution.

Paperback (french only) ● A5 Format ● 248 pages ● retail price 19 € + postage ● isbn : 979-10-93158-16-7 ● © Ôvilorôi 2016



currently available in French only

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