Building Glass Zomes

Couverture 3 complète.jpgAs a genuine technical manual, this book will help you understand all the potential that Zome shapes have to offer. Extensively illustrated, each step will support you in creating these marvellous objects. Thanks to the precise cutting designs and templates, you can build glass Zomes with up to 13 sides.

An awakening tool

Zomes belong to a family of geometric shapes that are composed of diamonds shapes, arranged in double spirals where the weave is in resonance with the living world. By their presence and their radiance, Zomes stimulate creativity and the necessary questioning needed for a profound transformation. We live on a planet that is awakening and the collective conscience has to live through this. Sacred geometry can be considered as an important awakening tool, which holds unknown potential. The vibratory properties in Zomes create an expansion of the consciousness and increase our sensory capacities. They allow us to achieve a deep sensation of unity with the living world.

On the physical plane, these are compact shapes, easy to produce.
On the etheric plane, they create a concentration of vital energy with energising properties (an increase ranging from 200% to 1100%, depending on the model).
On the emotional plane, the vibratory properties of Zomes bring a feeling of fulness and harmony favourable for creativity.
On the spiritual plane, the frequencies of Zomes attract beautiful presences that will settle inside.

● Spiral-bound book (french only) ● A4 format ● 92 pages ● retail price 30 € + postage ● isbn: 978-2-9530143-1-0 ● © Ôvilorôi 2007

currently available in French only
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