Book on Geobiology

Teachings and Revelations of the Guardians of the Earth

book on geobiology by Yann LipnickAll the books written by Yann Lipnick present a portion of the knowledge transmitted by the Guides, a knowledge that goes far beyond our imagination. These Guides wish to see the human kind moving forward towards the expansion of our consciousness and the mastering of our future, respecting all life forms and the environment.

The book Geobiology, Teachings and Revelations of the Guardians of the Earth brings to light knowledge transmitted by some Guides, experts on the mysteries of the Earth. How to preserve our Planet, purify it, contribute to its beauty, renew its energies and harmonize them… so many challenges, wonderful and fruitful collaborations open to us, human beings, who have the power to act in the material world.

Just as a consequence of our ignorance of the laws ruling the invisible world, we impose  very often an anarchic imprint on it, our environment and the whole planet. Knowing such laws will help us to adopt the foundational behaviours to reach balance and harmony in everyday life. You will see that in many cases it is necessary to reintegrate a knowledge that was already mastered by initiates and builder masters in ancient times. They laid the foundational pilars of light in the planet, real cosmic antennas which still have a beneficial effect. Geobiology and the Oriental Feng-shui, which was taken over by the West, were preserved from oblivion. They shed some light on our capability to create a positive environment, suitable for the preservation of our physical and psychic health.

Those who will open this book will discover a completely new approach and tools to take action on the liberation of Gaia and her guests from multiple energetic poisons, which can be easily identified with some practice and discernment. Being responsible and becoming a “Guardian of the Earth” is a choice that each of you can make consciously after finishing this first volume on the Mysteries of Gaia.

Paperback currently available in French only ● 19,5 x 25 cm ● 224 pages ● isbn: 979-10-93158-17-4 ● public price 33 € + shipping ● © Ôvilorôi 2016


Symbol to connect bees to Venus.

GéobiologieThe spirit of the cristaline bees (part of their group soul has now ascended to the 19th dimension) proposes the use of this symbol to reconnect permanently a whole beehive to the Venus planet. Just one symbol, placed on a beehive, will be enough to reconnect all the bees in an apiary.

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