Book Know ThyselfKnow Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods

The result of two years of communication with the guides on the secrets of the human body! This book describes with precision the constitution of our subtle bodies and reveals a large number of unknown capacities that we all possess.
Furthermore, a complete chapter on initiations allows the reader to access superior levels of consciousness. find out more

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Livre La Libération de l'êtreThe Liberation of the Being

This volume 2 of “Know thyself” presents a simple, totally new way, of taking responsibility for ourselves in an autonomous way and to cleanse all charges, memories and other karmic or transgenerational parasites. find out more

currently available in French only

Explorer of the Invisible, practical guide

This handbook is a synthesis that unites a large part of my research, thus allowing you to always have at hand the key knowledge necessary to understand and grasp the subtle realities that surround us. find out more

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couvEspritsVANature Spirits

An ideal book for beginners who wish to start discovering the wonderful world of nature spirits. This book will give you the initial keys to recognise and communicate with them. You will also find an overview of the main geobiological phenomena. find out more

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gaia02Invisible presences, Guardians of the Earth

This book introduces most of the invisible presences that populate our planet: angels, archangels, Elohims, ascended masters, intraterrestrials, nature devas, etc. This pedagogical book also contains exercises that will help you communicate with these presences.

It presents new geobiological phenomena, which give you a more complete view of the invisible worlds that surround us. find out more

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Geobiology, Teachings and Revelations of the Guardians of the Earth

Those who will open this book will discover a completely new approach and tools to take action on the liberation of Gaia and her guests from multiple energetic poisons, which can be easily identified with some practice and discernment. Being responsible and becoming a “Guardian of the Earth” is a choice that each of you can make consciously after finishing this first volume on the Mysteries of Gaia. find out more

currently available in French only

The Mysteries of Karûkera

What if humankind could communicate with invisible presences to accomplish their personal mission?
Inspired by my travels, this book is an initiation novel which portends the possibility that one day humankind may interact with these multidimensional worlds. find out more

currently available in French only

le-secret-des-caraibesThe Secret of the Caribbean

More than a novel, this book presents the story of a human, initiatic adventure, revealing the magic of the Universe in its infinite mystery. In this second volume of the Chronicles of the Ascension, Lohaya vision’s and sensitivity graciously permeate the account of actions carried out to serve Gaia.
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currently available in French only

Shamanic healing and bioenergetics

A book that presents a new method of energy balancing, based mainly on communication and collaboration with invisible presences. It is sold only to therapists that have completed the energy balancing course. find out more

currently available in French only

Building Glass Zomes

This manual is a technical book for those who wish to develop their artistic abilities by creating glass shapes, based on sacred geometry. find out more

currently available in French only


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